Tomorrowland: Disney Dives into the Future

Disney hits moviegoers with a harsh version of the future full of war, environmental destruction, and creepy robots that can be mistaken for humans, but at least it’s a future with George Clooney. To be completely honest, George Clooney is probably half the reason most women (and men) were truly interested in watching this futuristic film.

Science and new technologies rule our world. I can’t go one hour without sending a snapchat, checking my Facebook, or shooting a text to my friend in the next room. Disney allows us to see a sneak-peek of the future with jet packs and flying to the moon. I enjoyed watching the world of Tomorrowland, but it was soon crushed. The message of self-destruction is cruel. It almost felt as if Disney was sending a message to viewers to stop hurting our world.

The film’s main character, Casey Newton (Britt Robertson), is the hope of the future. She believes in science and hope and possibilities. The film encourages viewers to follow her footsteps and believe in changing the world. She is encouraged by her father, country superstar Tim McGraw, who works for NASA and has always encouraged her to follow her dreams. Hugh Laurie plays a fantastic villain who is too smart for his own good and confused about the true meaning of our world.

And of course, what futuristic film would be complete without a love story between mankind and a robot. The cheesy love story is beyond predictable.

If you enjoy dreaming of the future of science and technology, George Clooney, and a predictable, somewhat cheesy story line, Tomorrowland is a must see.  If human/robot love stories, a view at mankind’s future self-destruction, and Tim McGraw in a spacesuit aren’t your thing, then I would pass.

In the end, Disney leaves us with a burning question. Will technology destroy us or save us? Only time will tell.


Written by: Laura Berry


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