The Witch: Bringing Back the Artistry of Horror

Robert Eggers’ The Witch transports audiences back to 17th century New England where a family is forced to face their biggest fears as the threat and dangers of witchcraft test their religion and loyalty to one another. Newcomer, Anya Taylor-Joy, emerges as a star in this captivating and horrifying tale. Audiences are quickly reminded of the kinds of horror films we have been missing and the kinds that truly leave us terrified yet desperately wanting more.

The film is suspenseful from beginning to end and will leave you on the edge of your seat. While some may struggle to find answers to the problems faced by the characters, the sense of the unknown is what makes this movie stand out from others. Not all of our questions are answered, but we are left with enough information to make our own frightening conclusions. The entire film takes place in a gloomy and isolated area that is enough to make the hairs on your arm stand up. The setting itself is an indication that nothing good can come for this family.
The Witch is a powerful and truly terrifying masterpiece that will make you ponder about the insanity of the plot for days. Eggers provides us with a tale of darkness and suspense that will captivate anyone and make them recognize the lack of artistry in popular horror films today.
Written by: Madison Bowlds

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