Ouija: Origin of Evil

Ouija: Origin of Evil is the second installment of the Ouija franchise. The film follows the Zander family in wake of their father’s death. Struggling financially, Alice, the mother of the family, decides to buy a Ouija board to add to her act. In attempt to reach her father, Doris, the youngest daughter, uses the board to contact him. Instead, she contacts an evil spirit and ultimately becomes possessed.  Slowly, Alice and the oldest daughter, Lena, starts to pick up on it and requests the help from Father Tom. The lead-up to the actual scary part of the movie is a bit slow. It takes awhile for the film to pick up momentum in the beginning. A few bits of entertaining humor grace the screen as do little teases of scary moments. While no big scares happen until the end of the movie, causal creepy moments and some jump scares keep the audience entertained until then. The ending starts to get into the interesting part of the plot. Slowly, Lena, Father Tom, and Alice piece together what is in Doris. Together, they try and fight the spirit. Lena receives help from an unexpected source. It all wraps up in an ending I want to know more about, much like the later half of the plot. The film could have been better if they left out parts that make the beginning slow and instead explore more of the horror elements we learn in the last scenes.  In the end, Ouija: Origin of Evil isn’t the best horror film I’ve seen, but definitely not the worst.


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