If you had the chance to escape from this Earth, to start from scratch on a new one, would you do it? If so, climb aboard the Avalon, a space ship that holds 5000 passengers and 200 crew in hibernation for 120 years until they reach their new home on Homestead II. Until the last five months of the journey, everyone is asleep while the ship travels on autopilot. With everyone asleep, what happens if something bad happens?

Meet Jim Preston, a man who wakes up 90 years early due to the impossible chance of a hibernation pod malfunction. Jim quickly discovers he is all by himself on the ship. The only kind of interaction available for Jim is a lovable, witty android bartender. He tries everything in his power to find a solution but to no avail. One year later, Aurora Lane finds herself awake as well. Together, Aurora and Jim accept this unexpected life. Soon they start to discover why all the malfunctions are happening and they are the only ones who can stop the ship going down.

Overall, Passengers is a pretty good movie. The pacing is nice, keeping viewers entertained until the main climax. Visuals are done very nicely. The space scenes look amazing, along with the Avalon. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence give great performances, besides maybe a few over dramatic scenes. The concept keeps you wondering what you would do through all the scenarios that arise; these situations that you can never fully judge until you are in that spot. The movie makes you wonder while enjoying a new romance and witnessing amazing space scenes.

The ending is left pretty open ended for you to fill in the gaps and wonder more about what happened. Personally, I wish there would have been more information along the way. What is the big need to leave Earth? What’s up with this 20 percent income back? But, I’m the kind of person who wants to know more information on all fronts so I may just be a bit picky. Overall, Passengers is a good movie to reach out to hearts and to explore new ideas. If you are looking for a movie this holiday season, Passengers is a good pick.

Review by: Kayla Colwell


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