Table 19

Going into Table 19, I was expecting a typical cliché romantic comedy. A lighthearted movie that would make me leave the theater feeling warm and fuzzy inside. However, this isn’t to say that I didn’t leave feeling happy, but Table 19 throws in a few curveballs I wasn’t expecting.

The movie starts out with Eloise McGarry, played by Anna Kendrick. This role is a bit different for Kendrick. While still getting the charm and laughs that we expect from Kendrick, we also see a more serious side that hasn’t been explored all that much in her other roles. From the beginning, we watch Eloise struggle about whether or not to go to a wedding. As the movie progresses, we discover Eloise is the ex-Maid of Honor. The Bride’s brother and Eloise were dating, but broke up a few months before the wedding. Eloise arrives to the wedding and discovers she is at table 19, with the rest of the people that “should have known to rsvp no, but couldn’t after buying something off of the registry.” Leading up to this point, we meet the rest of Table 19: Nanny Jo, a lovable elderly lady who was once the bride’s nanny, Walter Thimple, who is the cousin of the bride who just got out of prison, Rezno, a teenager just hoping to find a girl for the night, and Kepp’s, husband and wife with an interesting dynamic. Each actor plays their character perfectly, creating relatable characters. Through the movie, the band of misfits come together as they all try to figure out what this thing call life means, each in their own way.

Throughout the movie, we explore different themes: marriage, adjusting to life, accepting yourself, and when to really call it cuts on a relationship. Overall, the movie has a solid message. The characters are lovable and hilarious. You feel their emotions with them and root for them all the way. Nothing is what it seems from the outside. Together this band of misfits explores all of that. It was a joy watching them come together, each in their own hilarious style. In the end, Table 19 is a pretty good movie that made me feel more than I thought it would. If you are looking for a movie this weekend, check out Table 19. You won’t be disappointed.


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