Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast may be a ‘tale as old as time’ but this live action remake will have the audience in awe as the popular fairytale world is realized in a realistic and beautiful way.  As backstories of both Belle and the Beast are further explored there is a new tone of relatability found in the film.  All of the characters are multi-dimensional which creates a fresh take on this classic.

Emma Watson molds Belle into a role model for girls by highlighting her quirkiness.  Watson’s Belle is the perfect modern spin on a princess. She is smart, sophisticated and spunky.  Dan Stevens on the other hand shows us a side of the Beast we never got to experience in the original version. We get to learn more about his upbringing and what made him the way he is.

The chemistry between Watson and  Stevens will draw the viewer in and capture the beauty found within this love story.   Beauty and the Beast gives us a sense of familiarity with enough newness to peak our curiosity without completely changing the tale.  In the 3D version the 3D use is subtle and suits the mood of the film, while adding many layers to the viewer’s experience. Beauty and the Beast is truly a tale that will be enjoyed by the whole family.


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