Kingsman: The Golden Circle

An official, promotional poster for this film boasted “a far-fetched plot,” so if you are expecting anything more or less, this may not be the film for you.

Following the style of its predecessor, Kingsman: The Golden Circle proves to be a wildly outlandish spy comedy with violent humor and a variety of uniquely shot action scenes, everything fans of the series both want, and expect. With a surprise musical guest, classic songs, and tons of well-timed humor, this is most definitely a must see film, especially if you loved the first.


The Golden Circle takes things a bit further both comedic-wise, as well as violence-wise, than did The Secret Service. Now that Eggsy is comfortable in his new position as a secret service Kingsman, we get to see him in action. This film focuses less on the idea of social class than the first, and looks more into the roles of the Kingsman and what exactly is expected of them from the beginning of their career, to the end.

Though I was a bit skeptical of them bringing the U.S. Statesmen into such an amazing James Bond-like film, I was honestly not disappointed in the slightest. The Statesmen across the pond are just as kick-ass as their English brethren, only instead of wielding umbrellas and tricked out suits, they suit up with cowboy hats and electrifying lassos. A bit outdated and odd, yes, but not out of place for this comedy action duo film.

I actually found it rather unique to see England’s stereotypical heroes, spies, and America’s classic characters, cowboys, come together in such a unique way.

Taron Egerton (Eggsy) was the highlight of this film. His acting never disappoints and he showcases much more of his talent in this decidedly more emotional film. As this movie takes place a certain amount of time after the death of Eggsy’s mentor and friend, Harry, we see he is still slightly lost without him, and ultimately even more lost when he finds out Harry is still alive. Not to mention we see a softer side to Eggsy as he is now dating a familiar face from from the first film.

Poppy, the villain in The Golden Circle is by far the most terrifying villain I’ve seen. Reminiscent of Umbridge in the Harry Potter series, she is a perky, ultra-feminine character with zero empathy for others, or really any emotion at all other than her terrifying, always happy vibe.

The Kingsman series has never been one to shy away from violent deaths, and they certainly did not stop now. I don’t want to give too much away, but I will tell you this, Poppy owns a very large meat grinder.

While the story line and overall plot in The Golden Circle is decent, it is a little more ridiculous and general than the first. While The Secret Service was obviously far-fetched as well (killing off millions of people via microchips in cell phones to stop global warming) it was still somehow more realistic than what we see in The Golden Circle. I did, however, enjoy the story over all and appreciated the many points-of-view depicted.

While these films are known for their filming style, brutal deaths, and slightly gross humor, don’t go into the theater expecting a James Bond caliber film. Meant to be a parody of sorts of the typical spy movie this franchise has found its place among action-packed spy comedies. If you enjoyed the first film, I highly recommend seeing this one, however, go into theaters with an open-mind. Though reminiscent of the first film, the plot line of this is a little more “far-fetched,” as the creators themselves even claimed, but all-in-all, a great film worth seeing.

In theaters – September 22nd.

Review By: Kasey Leeders


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