Pitch Perfect 3

It’s the last call Pitches! In Pitch Perfect 3, follow the Bellas as they navigate life after college. Then, Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) invites the Bellas back for a reunion. However, the Bellas are let down when they find out they were invited to watch, instead of perform. Together, fearing they already peaked after winning the Worlds Championship, they decide to do one last tour for the USO show to thank the troops in Europe. In an added surprised, DJ Khaled will pick from one of the groups to open for him on tour.

Pitch Perfect 3 brings back all the Bellas we have come to love as Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow and Anna Camp (and more) reprise their roles, along with all the other favorite Bellas. The movie does well to bring back all the lovable and quirky traits we have come to know and love. Fat Amy brings some action to the movie in a hilarious way only Fat Amy can provide. Pitch Perfect 3 also does well to pay tribute to the past movies with little Easter Eggs all over place. There were some predictable romances, but I’m glad to see they didn’t go with the overly predictable romance between Beca and Theo (Thank you Anna Kendrick).

However, music didn’t seem to be as a big factor in the final installment of the trilogy. The mash-ups were lacking when compared to the previous movies. Stand alone the music is decent, but there was no stand out song. The music didn’t seem to matter as much in this movie.

In the end, Pitch Perfect 3 does well to end the Pitch Perfect series, leaving fans with conclusions to their favorite characters to be able to say good-bye. Pitch Perfect 3 pays tribute to the fans in a movie that will for the most part leave fans satisfied.

Reviewed By Kayla Colwell


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