Deadpool 2

Non-stop action, crude humor, inside jokes, and countless fourth wall breaks, the merc with a mouth is back and more kick-ass than ever. The minute my friend and I stepped out of the theater and out onto the blindingly bright street we squint-looked at each other and said, “We are SO seeing this again.”

Sequels never live up to their predecessors, right? Wrong. Deadpool 2 proves that it is indeed possible to make a second film that’s just as good, if not debatably better, than the original.

While some of the story arcs hold true and are very similar to that of the first (I won’t say which), this film is definitely different enough to succeed and is not simply a remake of the first film as we’ve seen from other Marvel sequels (see Iron Man 1 and 2).

For those of you who have never seen Deadpool and aren’t sure what you’re in for, or maybe if you’re thinking, what makes these movies so funny? The answer is, horrendously amazing and overall delightfully crude humor. Ryan Reynolds is basically the King of Twitter and that online persona plays perfectly well into his portrayal of Deadpool. Reynolds did an amazing job in the first film and absolutely does not disappoint in the second.

Josh Brolin is making his way through the Marvel flicks. Most recently appearing as Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and now as Cable in Deadpool 2, the reasoning is obvious, the man knows how to portray the perfect antagonist.

Perhaps my favorite performance was from Zazie Beetz, aka Domino. With a superpower of good luck, how cool can she actually be?

You’ll just have to find out for yourself.

Deadpool 1 brought us a story about fighting for love, but Deadpool 2? It’s a family film. Not a family film in the sense that you should bring your two year old (*cough, cough* @theladywhobroughtacryingbabytothisshowing) but a family film in the sense that Wade Wilson finally finds something a bit bigger than himself to fight for.

Want more? See the movie on May 18th when it hits theaters everywhere!

P.S. Don’t be the person that leaves when the movie ends. Stay for the after credits scenes 😉

P.S.S. Trailer not enough? Check out the movies awesome soundtrack, here on Spotify.

Review By: Kasey Leeders (Featuring comments from her friend and regular pre-screening movie buddy, Alaina)


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