Ralph Breaks the Internet

A lot of reviewers are hating on Ralph Breaks the Internet due to it being “one long product placement.” While it is true that this movie showcases the likes of Pinterest, Wikipedia, Google, Snapchat, Ebay and more, I think the references made the movie that much more relatable and that much more enjoyable! Without them they would have had to use cheap puns and indirect references (which I suppose would have been funny) but the real references are much more enjoyable, especially for younger generations who use those sites everyday.

I will admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of the first Wreck it Ralph. Though it was a great movie, and it was a film I am happy I saw, I felt no need to ever watch again. Ralph Breaks the Internet is different.

When best friends Vanellope and Ralph aren’t working in the arcade, they spend just about every second together, eating burgers and drinking root beer. But when Vanellope’s game breaks and gets unplugged, she and Ralph head to a place they’ve never been before in order to save her game, the internet.

Here they discover wild new racing games, question answering websites, pop-up ads, and ways to make a quick buck online. But when Vanellope falls in love with the always changing internet and debates going home to her never changing game, things get problematic and result in a virus overtaking the internet.

The movie is touching, heart-warming and a very relatable story about changing friendships standing the test of time.

One of my absolute favorite parts of this film was the princesses. I have never been a huge Disney princess fan, but if you see this movie for anything, see it for the hilarious relationships between all of the Disney princesses in a single room. Re-voiced by their original actresses, this chaotic group provided a great deal of humor and honestly, if they don’t get their own group film someday I may cry.


The way in which this film goes about depicting users on the internet was absolutely amazing. I hope that as I am typing this, there is a little square-headed avatar of me sitting inside of the WordPress building online (see the movie, get the reference 😉 or check out #2 at this link for a picture).

Honestly, Ralph Breaks the Internet has it all: a musical number, side-splitting humor, action-packed car chases and hundreds (maybe even thousands) of modern day references (including all of Disney’s owned content like Marvel, Star Wars, classic cartoons and more!).

See it now in theaters!

Review By Kasey Leeders





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