A Quiet Place

Don’t make a sound or they will find you.

A Quiet Place takes place in world where you can’t make sound or these terrifying creatures will find you and get you. The movie follows a family figuring out how to navigate this world they live in. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, who are also married in real life, play Lee and Evelyn, the parents of the family. About a year after a family tragedy, their eldest Regan (Millicent Simmonds) feels responsible and disconnected from her father. Regan is also deaf, which has helped the family survive from knowing sign language. We also find Evelyn pregnant, and Marcus (Noah Jupe), their younger son, to be in better condition than we last saw him.

A Quiet Place is the perfect horror film. Every sound, the watcher wonders if that will be their last. The film is well paced, keeping the audience draw in. Emily Blunt shines in role, making the audience fully understand what she is going through. In one scene, you can feel every emotion she goes through and can feel the struggle. John Krasinski, typically known for his comedy, directs a film where the story shines just as much horror. A Quiet Place delivers a great message about family when scaring you half to death. Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds also give spectacular performances. The children shine just as much as the parents.

Overall, A Quiet Place is so much more than a horror film. The story layers on to horror, drawing you in more and more. The view leaves the theater feeling scared, but also a heart felt message about family.


Fifty Shades Freed

The last part of the trilogy offers an unrealistic, unimpressive, mediocre, tasteless ending. Fifty Shades of Grey Freed, just like in the other movies offers neither absolute love nor enough sex scenes for those audience members expecting those elements. In this movie the director James Foley tries to incorporate the elements of a thriller and fails miserably trying to do so.

The film starts with a very sensual sneak peek of Anastasia’s (Dakota Johnson) dress as she prepares to be wedded to Christian (Jamie Dornan). After the wedding, they are whipped to Christian’s (or rather Christian and Anastasia’s) private jet, where they embark on a romantic trip to Paris. Their return to their now wedded life slowly takes a toll on Anastasia’s expectation of her relationship with Christian. When Ana shows up at her job, the Seattle Independent Press, she discovers she has been promoted to chief fiction editor and hesitates to believe her efforts are the result of her promotion. Ana is in disbelief of her new life as Mrs. Grey when she finds out she has private cooks at her house. Christian invites her to accommodate to the lifestyle he is used to but again, Ana, Ana Steele, as she prefers to be called at her job, fights against Christian wishes (Ana forgets to take her birth control shot and becomes pregnant, something that Christian does not approve of at first). Christian goes on a trip and Ana remains in Seattle and decides to have a few drinks with her friend Kate (Eloise Mumford). When she gets home, inebriated she is assaulted by Jack Hyde (Erik Johnson) , her ex-boss who plots against her well-being as a means to take revenge on Christian. The movie here takes a “dramatic turn of events” that make Ana stand for herself and become the hero the movie trilogy expects her to be.

The plot follows a bad script, filled with mini plots that never get explained, clichés and a compilation of sex scenes (where Ana displays almost her entire naked body and Christian’s body does not get as exposed) followed by tense, “action” scenes to try to show a serious “complex” synopsis. The result: atrocious, feeble and an unfulfilled promise of romance. An emotionally damaged multimillionaire chooses a plain Jane with whom he shares nothing but sensual attraction. Ana willingly submits to him while showing some moments of resistance towards him.

Reviewed by Elena Oregui 

Pitch Perfect 3

It’s the last call Pitches! In Pitch Perfect 3, follow the Bellas as they navigate life after college. Then, Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) invites the Bellas back for a reunion. However, the Bellas are let down when they find out they were invited to watch, instead of perform. Together, fearing they already peaked after winning the Worlds Championship, they decide to do one last tour for the USO show to thank the troops in Europe. In an added surprised, DJ Khaled will pick from one of the groups to open for him on tour.

Pitch Perfect 3 brings back all the Bellas we have come to love as Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow and Anna Camp (and more) reprise their roles, along with all the other favorite Bellas. The movie does well to bring back all the lovable and quirky traits we have come to know and love. Fat Amy brings some action to the movie in a hilarious way only Fat Amy can provide. Pitch Perfect 3 also does well to pay tribute to the past movies with little Easter Eggs all over place. There were some predictable romances, but I’m glad to see they didn’t go with the overly predictable romance between Beca and Theo (Thank you Anna Kendrick).

However, music didn’t seem to be as a big factor in the final installment of the trilogy. The mash-ups were lacking when compared to the previous movies. Stand alone the music is decent, but there was no stand out song. The music didn’t seem to matter as much in this movie.

In the end, Pitch Perfect 3 does well to end the Pitch Perfect series, leaving fans with conclusions to their favorite characters to be able to say good-bye. Pitch Perfect 3 pays tribute to the fans in a movie that will for the most part leave fans satisfied.

Reviewed By Kayla Colwell

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast may be a ‘tale as old as time’ but this live action remake will have the audience in awe as the popular fairytale world is realized in a realistic and beautiful way.  As backstories of both Belle and the Beast are further explored there is a new tone of relatability found in the film.  All of the characters are multi-dimensional which creates a fresh take on this classic.

Emma Watson molds Belle into a role model for girls by highlighting her quirkiness.  Watson’s Belle is the perfect modern spin on a princess. She is smart, sophisticated and spunky.  Dan Stevens on the other hand shows us a side of the Beast we never got to experience in the original version. We get to learn more about his upbringing and what made him the way he is.

The chemistry between Watson and  Stevens will draw the viewer in and capture the beauty found within this love story.   Beauty and the Beast gives us a sense of familiarity with enough newness to peak our curiosity without completely changing the tale.  In the 3D version the 3D use is subtle and suits the mood of the film, while adding many layers to the viewer’s experience. Beauty and the Beast is truly a tale that will be enjoyed by the whole family.